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Jovan Men’s Musk Deodorant Review

Made from a blend of spices, lavender and citrus, the Jovan Men’s Musk gives wearers a gentle, manly scent in a long lasting deodorant that can be worn alone or with your favourite perfume. Not everyone is a fan of strong, overpowering fragrances or of perfumes and deodorants that lean towards more feminine scents. Sometimes a man just wants to smell like a man and that’s what you can expect from the Jovan Men’s Musk.

Not only is the scent subtle but the deodorant itself is alcohol and aluminium free as well as anti-perspirant free. With the new turn towards healthy lifestyle trends, people are looking for products that are more natural but still able to get the job done. Jovan Men’s Musk has been around for over 50 years and has stood the test of time. First launched in 1973 by the Jovan house, Jovan Men’s Musk was discontinued for a couple of years but now it’s back and fans are overjoyed as evidenced by rave reviews on websites where the product is sold.

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Musk isn’t the only fragrance by Jovan so if you want to experience their subtle scents for yourself but spice and lavender isn’t your thing then never fear. The Jovan product line also includes:

White Musk (which is an interesting mix of citrus, traces of cloves, peppermint and thyme, geranium, melon and green apple),

Black Musk (a woodsy musk renowned for its dark sexy scent),

Sex appeal (a blend of rare spices and herbs) and

Ginseng NRG (this exotic cologne boasts a mix of Bergamot, Musk, fig tree, tea, ginseng, Tonka, jasmine balsam, sheer woods geranium, amber and lemon).

If you like deodorant with a subtle manly scent, that’s not overpowering, which is also alcohol free, aluminium free and anti perspirant free and still lasts as long as you need it, then Jovan Men’s musk is the deodorant for you.

Ladies, let not your heart be troubled! Jovan has a product line for you too. Why should the men get to  have all the fun! The Jovan Women’s line contains 4 fragrances namely:

Musk for Women (a jasmine, neroli, bergamot and musk blend),

White Musk for Women (jasmine, Ylang Ylang, honeysuckle, amber and musk),

Island Gardenia (the name says it all)

Woman by Jovan (nutmeg, coriander, amber, orange flower and ylang ylang) and last but certainly not least

Black Musk for Women (a sexy floral and spice blend).

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