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Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Cologne Spray for Men – 3.4 fl. Oz Review

The Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Cologne Spray is a mysterious blend of fragrant ingredients launched by the eponymous Tommy Hilfiger, the fashion and fragrance company. The composition with which the fragrance is created is an amusing mixture of lavender and amber, both embodied in an exhilarating, sublime scent. The scent carries a natural masculine essence with it as it is teeming with qualitative tangy citrus, blue grass, and cranberry, and some other florid flavors. To enhance its already jaunty olfactory experience, apple pie and cinnamon are added too. Manufacturers recommend it to wear the most at the day time.


Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an extravagant fashion, apparel, accessory, design and fragrance retail corporation. It debuted in 1985, under the leadership of designer and namesake Tommy Hilfiger, headquartered in US, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. The brand has been providing world class leadership and direction in all of its specialties. It provides a vast collection of fragrances and colognes created with natural ingredients that result in producing an outstanding scent.

Features of the Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Cologne Spray for Men

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger was introduced in 1990. This sublime fragrance was created by great artists Annie Buzatian and Alberto Morillas. The perfume artists created it with notes depicting sophistication and uplifting qualities. The high top notes include lavender, mint, bergamot and grapefruit. The very alluring middle ones contain cranberry, granny smith apple and rose whereas the everlasting base notes include cotton flower extracts, cactus and amber and the overall scent then comes out is warm yet enlivening. A single whiff will leave behind mild subtlety and lasting power for up to 7-10 hours.  It will go along with any occasion, business or leisure; it is made to impress all circles and make you inevitably stand out.

Other Details of Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

  • Fragrance note: fresh, saucy and citrus
  • Perfume type: Cologne Eau De Toilette
  • Dimensions: 18 x 15 x 13 inches
  • Launch year: 1995
  • Peppered with numerous notes of natural herbs and ingredients
  • Lasting strength: 7-10 hours approximately
  • 3.4 fl. Oz

Customer Feedback

The Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Cologne Spray for Men though introduced in the market more a decade ago, is still one of the best fragrances widely preferred by customers and hugely approved by its ratings and reviews. There is a particular distinctive quality about the cologne that gives a sensation of poise and self-control, and the scent carries a mysterious charm with it wherever you go. This makes the fragrance simply elite among other fragrances.

My Verdict

The Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Cologne Spray for Men is surely among the ultimate fragrances, its long lasting, strong, and has a supreme scent that brings about sublimity. You can make this cologne yours by ordering it over at Amazon.com where it is currently on sale. Be sure not to miss out.

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