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Zegna Uomo Gift Set By/FN251488/1.7 oz./men Review

The Zegna Uomo Gift Set by Ermenegildo Zegna consists of the following products:

  • 4 oz. Eau De Toilette spray
  • 4 oz. After shave balm
  • 4 oz. Shower Gel

The fragrance Uomo was introduced in the markets in early 2013. It depicts a complete visualization of the Italian lifestyle as it is embodied with Italian aromas and Italian concepts. The fragrance carries with it an inscrutable composition of some very selective ingredients that are mildly intensive.

The shower gel from Uomo is rejuvenating and refreshing and it cleanses and prevents the skin from parching. The scent of the shower gel is invigorating, lasting and is created with healthful herbs and ingredients that benefits the skin.

The aftershave balm from Uomo is a complete moisturizer that diminishes any possible signs of fatigue and totally activates the skin cells. It doesn’t promote oiliness like some aftershaves do and is hypoallergenic.


Ermenegildo Zegna is a luxurious Italian fashion company that mainly produces men’s clothing and other accessories  with almost 550 mono brand stores worldwide and is one of the greatest fashion and accessories brand in the world. Besides producing the most chic and sophisticated collection of clothing it also masters in creating flawless cosmetic products and accessories. Its cosmetic and skincare products are among the most beneficial and healthful.

Zegna Uomo Fragrance

The very intensive composition of this fragrance consists of citruses and bergamots due to the designer’s visit to Italy which led to the idea of adding these ingredients into the product. The scent is basically flooding with some traditional, masculine essences like cedar wood, patchouli, manufactured brilliantly by Spanish perfumer artist Alberto Morillas. The captivating scent of Uomo involves classiness of bergamot, vetiver, with an intense shot of violettyne which is a nice violet extract which leads toward its strong lasting power.

Zegna Uomo Aftershave Balm

Anyone who’s in the search for a luxurious, soothing aftershave, might want to give Zegna Uomo a try. This aftershave manages to refresh the skin without any irritation or allergic reaction. It’s designed for all skin types and it is enriched with only essential oils and vitamins. The mixtures quickly absorbs over the skin cells so you do not need to wait for it to dry. It also alleviates dry skin and rarefies signs of haggardness or fatigue.

Zegna Uomo Shower Gel

The Zegna Uomo shower gel is a mild solution of soothing ingredients that refreshes the skin and makes it appear as good as new. The chemicals in it prevent desiccation of skin and it has a long lasting intense scent.

Customer Feedback

There have been numerous ratings and reviews for this Zegna Uomo Gift pack. Customers are overtly elated with Uomo fragrance and it has become a great choice for outdoors because of its sensational scent and long lasting power. There also has been a rise in sales for Uomo aftershave and that’s because of its flawless qualities.

My Verdict

The Zegna Uomo collection is sure, flawless and very demanding too. The fragrance is strong, a bit heavy but very appealing to senses. The shower gel and aftershave are quite exceptional too. But don’t just take my word for it, you can order the Zegna Uomo Gift Set on sale over at Amazon.com.

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